Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Osama, Fred and the Devil

Has anyone noticed how much Osama bin Laden and Fred Phelps are like some of their respective religions' concepts of Satan? (For those unfamiliar with his reputation, Fred Phelps is the head of the tiny but rabidly anti-homosexual Westboro Baptist Church and behind their websites God Hates Fags and God Hates America.)

The video of bin Laden holding court that was found in Afganistan shows him basking in the adulation of his followers, preening himself. The man just oozes egotism. To the best of my knoweldge muslims see Iblis their concept of Satan is seen as being motivated by egotism. His sin is said to be disobedience to God in refusing to prostrate himself before Adam.

If you visit Phelps' website you can see the pure spite that motivates him. He is an obvious sociopath who gets off on hating everyone. His websites are like freakshows of the psyche. What he reminds me of is a character in C. S. Lewis' Perelandra trilogy. I forget his name but this character becomes a mouthpiece for the Devil and towars the end is reduced to simply communicating spite most of the time

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Ryan Sawall said...

I think I see a little more.
Here is my phone number.
I understand a lot and we should talk. It is about power of good over evil. That is all.
In regards to not prostrating himself before Adam - I did travel to try to find fucking Osama bin Shithead, and furthermore he is improperly proud, and the more we feed his spirit without shaming him, the more egotistical he will become. Check on the Celestine Prophecy. Now, I would if were really infinite, or powerful or whatever, like, if I were at all good, I would be ashamed of him, and he will feel pain. When his "conciousness" or the awareness of his own self sees the shame we have for himself, he will suffer Celestinely. Furthermore friend, look in the sky. I feel the God's time in the infinite mind and presence of the One wishes to grant power to you for your seeking, for your truly powerful discernment of truth, and for the beauty with which you peacefully seek that truth. Fuck man, sometimes, it is about being as unholy and unsacred as my next door neighbor and admitting that their is very little perfection and lots of big mistakes.
Let's just keep talking, because if we do, we will beat the evil. Tonight, Australia, the USA, and a lot of good countries are going to fight with large guns to purge these evils mostly found in the books people write about themselves.
In the ether above Australia tonight, faithfully and really, truly all y'alls truth, like we be too, man, your friend and partner,
Ryan Sawall