Friday, January 13, 2006

My weird habits

Since Zoe has tagged me with the five weird habits meme I have to reveal some of my dark secrets.

All right, here are some.

1. I use hand gestures when talking quite a lot, especially when I get excited.

2. Without my realizing it my voice can get quite loud if I get excited. At other times I can be almost inaudible.

3. For some reason people find me or my face memorable. As a result people that I haven't seen for a while or even a long time address me by name when I have forgotten their name. To hide this I get into the habit of not addressing people by name.

4. When going out I often come back just to make absolutely sure that I have locked the doors etc. even when I think I remember doing so.

5. I talk to myself when daydreaming.

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